Youth Development Through Sport

The foundation of Miles’ 17 year history of developing basketball in Africa was established through the passion for improving the lives of youth through the game of basketball and life skills programs. Our teams over the years have developed basketball / life skills programs for the United Nations, USAID, Kaiser Family Foundation, corporates such as Tiger Brands, the Coca-Cola company, the NBA and many others.

Our programs are designed to use the sport of basketball as a ‘hook’ to make the program attractive to a broader youth audience for learners and the life skills programs’ objective is to reach entire communities of in school and out of school youth.

Our sports / life skills model recruits unemployed youth from the respective communities and they are trained as coaches and life skills facilitators. These individuals are employed to develop teams within each of the target schools in a particular community and to work with educators and other volunteers
from the community to reach an average of 450 – 600 learners per school (all of our programs reach a minimum of 4000 students per term in a respective community).