Basketball Africa

Miles & Associates basketball development mission is to continue contributing to the development of the industry of basketball in Africa.  MAI’s basketball initiatives have been implemented in more than 15 African countries since founder Michael Finley initially traveled to South Africa in 1995 to volunteer as a basketball coach and mentor to youth in South Africa’s townships. These initiatives include:

Basketball Marketing Initiatives

Miles & Associates has designed and implemented some of the largest marketing initiatives using the sport of basketball in Africa.  Our passion for the game combined with our ability to connect with the larger youth market by creating exciting and cool events and programs has enabled us to convince many of the top companies and brands in Africa to utilize the game of basketball as a marketing tool.

We have associated brands such as Samsung, Unilever brands, Sprite, Standard Chartered Bank, ESPN, Mentos and many other brands

… incorporate the inclusion of television:

  • Sprite Slam
  • Kenya University Basketball League (ZUBL / Samsung / Unilever)
  • Tiger Brands
  • Mentos 3 on 3 national tour
  • Uganda University Basketball League
  • ESPN celebrity game

And1 Sprite Slam Africa

Zuku University Bball League (2013- Kenya)

ESPN Celebrity Challenge

Youth Development Through Basketball and Life Skills

  • Tiger Brands
  • loveLife (HIV/AIDS awareness)
  • Zambia basketball / life skills league
  • Uganda (My Success is my Choice league)

Basketball Equipment and Accessories

Miles & Associates has built and refurbished over 150 basketball courts across 7 African countries.  We have established a reputation for providing high quality equipment and accessories for the game of basketball at the most competitive prices available.  Our team can provide equipment and services to build basketball courts from scratch for community courts to providing quality equipment for teams and individual player development.

  • Basketball hoops, backboards and installation
  • Basketball uniforms
  • Basketballs
  • Building and refurbishment of basketball courts

Pictures of the various items above (ESPN courts, hoops, balls, branded basketballs, work out equipment

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