ZUBL Kenya

ZUBL Uganda

Miles & Associates acquired the rights to university basketball in Kenya (February 2013) and Uganda (December 2013), partnering  with the Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) and  then the National University Sports Federation of Uganda (NUSFU) to successfully launch the Kenya University Basketball League (KUBL) and the Uganda University Basketball League (UUBL).  These are Africa’s first sponsored and televised university basketball leagues.

The Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) is the sports body sanctioned by the Kenyan government to manage and develop all university sport in the country and NUSFU is the Ugandan equivalent.  KUSA and NUSFU are essentially the equivalents of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States.  Kenyan and Ugandan universities have invested in sports for over 40 years and despite teams’ participation in competitive events, they did not participate in professionally structured and televised leagues until May 2013.

zukuThe Kenya and Uganda university basketball leagues’ are both now titled the Zuku University Basketball League (ZUBL-Uganda/Kenya) with the regional pay-tv network (Zuku TV) recently acquired the naming rights for both of the leagues through 2018 and 2019 respectively.  The inaugural Kenya season was launched in May 2013 with 31 participating universities and 58 teams playing a total of 276 games. ZUBL Kenya culminated with the playoffs and finals being broadcast live in HD on 12 October, 2013. The Uganda league was launched in March 2014, with 11 participating universities and 17 teams. ZUBL Uganda’s finals were aired live on 3 May, 2014.


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