Bovet Champions receive trophy at morning assembly

Classmates and faculty applauded the Bovet Primary school basketball team for winning their third successive league championship.  The principal of the school expressed her pride in the efforts of her young pupils who she hopes will replicate their success on the basketball court with similar results during the final exams of the year.  Dondi Davhani, team captain, and league MVP was all smiles as he held the trophy in front of the entire school.  AYDF Project Manager Cameron Schuster commended the team, and encouraged the rest of the school to take notice of the work ethic used to win the title, and put it into practice in the classroom as well.  He also stressed the importance of continued healthy cultivation of the mind and the body so that each and every student can reach their maximum potential.  The students left the ceremony in a jovial proud mood ready for their next exam.

ABOVE:Each team member also received a first place medal for their efforts in the “ARE YOU GAME” Primary Basketball League.