aydfLaunched in 2004, the African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) was established to bolster the youth research & development work undertaken by Miles and Associates International (MAI). Since 1995, MAI has been steadfastly committed to fostering innovative ways to impact the lives of youth on the continent of Africa. AYDF has served to maintain and grow that vision by strategically galvanizing public and private sector resources into the continent’s most needy communities.AYDF offers a range of youth-focused services across Southern and Eastern Africa and in the United States. The specialized area of expertise is organisational development for programmes focused on the growth and betterment of youth; equipping them with the tools, structures, and resources necessary to implement effective programming. This outcome is executed by focusing on specific activities of the organisation’s value chain:

  • Strategic planning & situational analysis
  • Programme conceptualization, design & materials development
  • Leadership skills training & team building facilitation
  • Implementation support (i.e. coaching, mentoring, accountability evaluation & reporting)

As an organization, AYDF has a strong track record of providing individual and organizational training to promote programme sustainability, while also designing and implementing new initiatives that promote leadership, educational prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The programmatic themes created for clients have encompassed life skills (personal and academic motivation, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention), physical health and fitness, education and scholarship, and the development of organised sport on the continent of Africa. AYDF’s programmes have been implemented in South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola.


In 2005, the United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime (UNODC) and the South Africa National Department of Social Development (DSD) approached the principals of the African Youth Development Fund to develop content for the national substance abuse prevention programme called Ke Moja – “I’m Fine Without Drugs.” AYDF developed the content and conducted the initial Train the Trainer workshops for the UNODC and National DSD amongst the nine provinces.

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The AYDF team started the 2012 program by recruiting and training a new cadre of volunteers and facilitators. The program this year will involve 28 primary schools (14 in Alexandra township and 14 in Mamelodi township). Our goal is to reach 25 000 learners through our mass motivation programs and we have set a lofty goal of graduating over 4500 primary schools learners from our modular Life skills program .

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