African Youth Development Fund operates under the primary mandate of developing youth in a positive direction for success in education, sports, and life in general.  To achieve the success of the various AYDF projects it is necessary to foster the internal growth of our AYDF team members as well.  For this reason management at AYDF jumped at the opportunity to send team members to a motivational seminar given by DR. Myles Munroe.

Dr. Munroe, a pastor, teacher, author and motivational speaker from the Bahamas travels throughout the world speaking to world leaders, businesses, schools, universities, and assemblies of people who seek his motivational message.  His motivational talks on personal and professional development have made his name synonymous with success and he brought one of these talks to Johannesburg on October 26, 2012.

The AYDF team who attended the motivational speech included Community Project Managers, team leaders, and life skills volunteers.  All who attended gave the event a resounding thumbs up, returning to the office rejuvenated and energized by the message of success and the leadership skills that were the focus of the seminar.  Nkululeko Mkhwanazi, AYDF Community Project Manager said that he “felt honored and grateful to have been granted the opportunity to attend the leadership seminar”.

Dr. Monroe drove home many points about leadership emphasizing that “leaders are distinguished by their attitude and one’s attitude arises from beliefs about oneself, and a personal level of self-confidence”.  Dr. Munroe also stressed that “a leader is someone who has a purpose in life, and is a visionary who is passionate about his or her work thus inspiring followers”.  Another major point that the AYDF management team took from the seminar is that “Leadership is measured by what happens in the absence of that leader”, this point particularly struck home to the AYDF attendees because much of what AYDF does involves the implementation of structured programs that must become self-sustaining and run by the leaders of tomorrow.  The cycle of shared knowledge will surely continue when the AYDF team disseminates the information captured at the Myles Munroe leadership seminar.