Alexandra Primary League Championship 7/11/2012

Above: Bovet Primary poses before their first playoff game at 3 square


Excitement for the Alex Primary league playoff, and championship final was nearly crushed as dark clouds produced a brief downpour soaking the court at the 3 square basketball facility.  The AYDF team was disheartened by the prospect of having to re-schedule as children continued to show up expecting the event to take place as planned.  As soon as the rain stopped the decision was made to begin sweeping the courts dry with brooms after an almost 30 minute rain delay.  As junior coaches worked to dry the court the sun appeared and finished the job drying the court in less than 15 minutes.

With all hands on deck to complete the set-up, the first two playoff teams began warming up with the guidance of the AYDF junior coaches.  By 3:15 the public address system was finally set up, and the program began with a motivational introduction by AYDF Community Project Manager Nkululeko Mkhwanazi.  Zweli Nguza who served as mc/play by play commentator for the event then took over and introduced the first playoff game between Pholosho Primary, and Bovet Primary.

The game was high paced, and extremely competitive as Pholosho attempted to prevent Bovet from reaching their third consecutive league final.  But with league leading scorer Dondi Davhani in control at point guard it proved a tough task for Pholosho to contain the young scorer who has proved to be the heart of the Bovet squad.  The final score was 14 to 3 in favor of Bovet who moved on to the Championship final.

The second playoff game was closer, and filled with emotion as each team could almost grasp the chance to play in the final game.  Emfundisweni Primary, and Zenzeleni Primary played their hearts out with Zenzelini winning by a score of 9 to 4 lead by a young lady named of Secou Ishmael who is emerging as a leader and a dedicated student of the game of Basketball.  The victory may have taken too much out of the Zenzelini youth because Bovet came out strong and confident in the championship game taking a quick lead and holding it until the final whistle.

The Bovet Primary fan base erupted from the sideline as it became clear they had won a third consecutive league title.  The runners up were disappointed as they knew they had not capitalized on opportunities to score, but they were reminded by coaches about how far they had come in just one season.  They had improved both their skills, and desire to learn the game of Basketball which is the precise reason they were able to compete for the championship.  After the game AYDF project manager Cameron Schuster handed out prizes to the champions and the runners up.  Dondi Davhani of Bovet primary was recognized as the Male league MVP, and Precious Maphmulo of Emfundisweni Primary was awarded the female league MVP title.  Both were given brand new Spalding basketballs, and kits that they could practice in.  The humble manner in which they both accepted their awards was viewed by all in attendance.  Precious even attempted to bring her whole team up with her to receive her prizes clearly recognizing that basketball is a team sport.

Above Left: Bovet Primary 2012 League Champions
Above Right: Zenzelini Primary School runners up

Above Right: Dondi Davhani Male League MVP
Above Left: Precious Maphumulo Female league MVP

   The manner in which these 4 teams and these two particular young people carried themselves showed the success of the life skills/basketball program in Alexandra where sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, and discipline are mandated for league participation.  AYDF wishes to congratulate the Bovet Primary 2012 “Are You Game” Primary league champions, and will present them with an engraved trophy in front of classmates and school officials on a later date.  AYDF also wishes to thank all the junior coaches, and life skills volunteers who worked hard all season to make league game days successful, safe and enjoyable.